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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hey .. Hello to everyone on Nexus.... I have been away from the net working for two weeks, and have been so imersed in work I have been un able to go on Avalon or do anything sweet, soul healing, or meditive. and I've missed it.

I see there's been a bit of cross wires of diversions in points of view? I know this will pass...

Mudra... I'm glad you are only veering on the practicalities of actually doing the meditation the way it is now...please stay tuned... you are a big and invaluble force here...

I personally like to watch the visuals and then close my eyes for a while then watch the visuals... again then close my eyes.... I'm hyperactive and slightly ADHD as well as dislexic so it helps me concentrate and still the mind to alternate for now... I will learn to keep the visuals for longer as I do it more often... I trust Astral Walker... in all he says feels right ... that's not saying that anything else is wrong I mean it in the sense that when Astral Walker says that he is guiding this thing in a certain direction... I trust that process.....

I'm looking forward to tomorrows meditiation....
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