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Default Re: Has anyone else expirienced this since the rise in quakes

I think your onto something! Great post

Originally Posted by joe2288 View Post
Ok, I have been thinking all day trying to come up with an explanation why all

this is occurring this is my theory. As the time wave begins to collapse into

shorter epochs along with the golden ratio, what we have seen in the past is

changes in our consciousness. I believe what is happening know Is Gaia

Is beginning to shift along with us as well. Since it is raising here vibration in

accordance with ours, as her energy is rising. I think every time we hit these

new time waves we also experience earth changes. From what I know in

1991 we hit one in 2003 we hit another one and 2009 we hit the last one.

2010 from 2012 they will compress so they are coming every few months, to

weeks, to days to minutes and finally to we hit seconds until we zero point in

2012. As these knew ones hit in 2010 I believe we will start making the shift

together with Gaia and timelines will start splitting depending on your

frequency. What I received in my dreams last night is people of higher

frequency will literally tune out of this reality slowly, but surely and it will

indeed be chaotic for some who don't understand what is happing.
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