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Arrow Re: Has anyone else expirienced this since the rise in quakes

Originally Posted by AscendingStarseed View Post
I've been watching the earthquakes around the world increase in frequency and magnitude over the last 2 years with a USGS gadget on igoogle. It's obvious to me that something is getting closer to the planet...whether it's the galactic plane we're approaching or another planet like Nibiru that's entered the solar system, something is causing the earth to quake rattle and roll more. Although right off the bat my gut feeling said the Haiti quake was induced by HAARP, and have read 2-3 articles since in support of the theory.

My psychic abilities have increased lately to, especially where manifesting is concerned it takes about 12-hours on ave to create something from thought.
I was watching the quake activity this weekend up until yesterday when most

activity ceased. This is my theory, that the earth was being flooded, with

energy from somewhere, to be honest I don't know were, but I have my guesses.

I think these energy influxes will continue to hit the planet and we will experience

times of influx, like last week and times of calm like right know. As earth is hit

with this energy, she will vibrate higher level and since we share the same vibrational

pulse as earth we will also vibrate higher. This explains the increase in physic

activity in accordance with seismic activity. I have a feeling we will see more of

these waves of energy hitting our planet, what they will do geologically I do

not know, but I am guessing it will do more good then harm .
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