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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

HI Alchemikey! I did a pretty decent file that weighs around 536 mo.
I didn't put the original videos.. Instead I put some incredible animations on chakras by Anodea Judith. The thing that was very cool with my file was that I used the original audio file that I bought on Mysticmountain9's web site (shhhh it's a secret ) so the audio was clean and flawless. But Youtube didn't want me to put that online because it was too long... But they managed to tell me so after hours of upload and hours of waiting for Youtube to process the file.

I have no clue on how I could send you a 535 mo file... though it could help you manage your bandwidth. I can maybe even manage to lower that weight even more if I work on it... In the meantime I made up a playlist on youtube so that the people can do just one click and the whole alfegios will play in order. I posted the link twice on this thread and even Zeddo posted it as well.

If you see a way to get this file from me, contact me, I will try to manage and shrink it even more maybe down to 235 mo without jeopardizing the audio quality.

There is another thing we can do... I can pull out the audio file of each video already streamed in the youtube files and make a descent audio file so that people with low bandwidth could only download the audio file on your site... it would be the exact same length as the video file everybody else is listening and would give a good tool for those who prefere to listen instead of watching while they meditate...

So the question is up and running...


Peace to you all


P.S. please my friends, can we try to be together in the same direction? It doesn't matter wich path you choose as long as at the end we gather together and decide to do the same thing...

The way or the path is not really a huge issue here what matters is the intent! So if everybody here as the same intent to gather the most people in the same place for a humanitary purpose, we shouldn't be arguing on why we do the things the way we do it. Everybody's ideas are great as long as they stand by it and they figure a way to make that happen. Astralwalker may be a little vague on how the things should be done and why they should be done the way he says but I think we all agreed that the purpose was important. From this point on, what I think about that is irrelevant because I can either help him or leave the joint venture. But if I chose to help, I must act like a grown up and DO THE THINGS I AM ABLE TO and NOT DO THE THINGS I CAN'T. I prefere people that comes up with solution already managed and constructed than those who find solutions and never act on it.

I would like to Thank Alchemikey who did a GREAT job at doing just that. He had an Idea and worked it and came up with a website that serves the collective purpose. That's a good exemple of how one person can make the difference for the many. We all can do that in our own ways with our own qualifications and ideas.
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