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Hey everyone! I just joined tonight. I've been checking Project Camelot about every day since around January of this year. The site's really opened my mind to what's REALLY going on in the world. It's good to find some like-minded people here in Indiana. I haven't met many others...mostly in Bloomington, which means they're from all over. I just moved down to Columbus from Indy and have lived in Indiana most of my life. I'll be here till no later than June 2009, then I'm off to Central or South America with the Peace Corps if all Hell doesn't break loose before then here in the US. I have a feeling it'll be South America; like Paraguay, but I won't find out for a few months. I also have a feeling that I should already be down there. I've had this feeling for the past 15 years. I can speak Spanish fluently even though I haven't taken a course in 8 years. That ability has just stuck with me for some time.

Peace4Gaia - I really like your photo; looks like Indiana. I'm a big fan of the natural places around here and will miss them also when I move away. I prefer National Natural Landmarks and state nature preserves to the state parks around here. You can find me at Hitz-Rhodehamel Nature Preserve at least once a week.
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