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Default Re: The adamantine particles - the sacred magnetic heart

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Love is not a relationship between two persons. It is a state of mind within yourself. If you are loving, you are loving to everybody — not only to persons, but to things as well. Love moves from you to objects also. Even when you are alone, when no one is there, you are loving. It is just like breathing. If I take an oath that I will breathe only when I am with you, only death can follow. Breathing is not relationship; it is not tied to any relationship. And for the etheric body, love is just like breathing. It is its breath.


Love Always

Ah so true and so wise.
Wisdom seemingly comes from understanding and understanding comes from light. In order to receive the light of understanding the heart has to be open. To receive and to have a heart open to receive one needs to be humble.
There is a scripture I just love and that is where Christ says "To be the most, ye must become the least".
It was the whole foot washing thing where the harlot wanted to wash his feet but he said no, it is I who need to wash yours.
That statement of being the least holds immense profundity. If we all understood that single statement and pursued that goal, light would pour forth unbounded.
As I work on being the least I begin to receive light and I see that all is good and begin to merge with the one.
What I am beginning to understand is that there is no opposite to light - "Where there is light, darkness cannot exist."
Darkness is not the opposite of light, merely the absence thereof.

Have a stunning day
and may Light flood and course through every fiber of your existence as you go forth being the light of a future we build from within.


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