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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by PK47 View Post

I want to point out that more than 80% of the crop circles are created by illuminati secret government by using electromagnetic pulses. They imprint these mixture of hyperspace archetypes on specific parts of earth's morphogenetic field as to manipulate earth's magnetic and energy field. It's like giving an injection to earth's body. Hyperspace language is a language of mind that is common to all beings, subconsciously or consciously so, when hyperspace archetypes are used in energy centers it will have an effect. Earth is a living being. When you spin these crop circles then it might imprint some messages or programs within your mind pattern. This specific crop cirlce doesn't seem to have any negative impact to our mind but im not sure abt it's effect on Earth. So, I would advice you not to fancy crop circles unless u have deciphered the meanings.
You're not the only one who's read a few stewart swerdlow books PK47..

You give way too much power to your precious 'secret government' - your comments on another thread 'the whole New Age movement is started by the CIA and NSA' frankly I find absolutely repulsive and sinister.

We dont need a know-it-all kid like you throwing your weight around, this is a place of peace and research.

Thats great that you state your opinion, but if you are planning on systematically debunking this whole forum to conform with your tunnel vision, think again.

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