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Default Re: Questions for THEWATCHER

I remember reading a book in the 70's. Called the money exchange. As well, as I read about "The beast" super computer in Denmark in other litterature as well. According the the book "the beast" super computer, contained all the information on every person in the world.
The number for this super computer, to access it, is 666
There is a numeral appointed for each country. For the United States, the number is 110
Then followed by your own personal social security number.
With those numbers, supposedly you can access information contained within that computer.
? I haven't tried it. So don't know for sure. Plus I'm not sure in what place to access it?
Just something I read about years ago.
To my knowledge, this super computer, even though built in the early 70's (or even 60's) is still to this day, more advanced than any computers we have now. (though I'm sure upgrades possibly had to be done over the years. lol)
My question would be; is this possibly the same super computer you're talking about? Or is there another?
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