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Brief input, trying to cut myself in two, three, four LOL LOL, too much to try and sort out tonight. This will suffice for a while. The question of whether Obama would be allowed to openly state re the Ufo/ET or not, is a political one. Politics changes daily and those whom control the global political scene can change their agenda, much depends on the global situation. As of this moment the swing goes against his open disclosure later this year. Politics is a very powerful tool when weilded by those with immense power and control. It was these power controllers whom in early 2008 organised the silencing of the UN diplomats at the secret meetings. Much research was carried out by certain individuals at the Open Minds forum at the time. It should be noted here, and it can be checked and verified if you care to do some digging, some research, that it was myself and my colleagues whom actually stated that the UN diplomats were threatened and thus silenced. That came from us and was later verified by others. Obviously the political power controllers did not wish disclosure at that time. They can control any disclosure Obama may plan, if it suits them he can go ahead, if it does not he will not utter a word.

Thank you Barry for this information. My gut feelings are that no significant disclosure will come from any source until the information is outdated.