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Timeslips, on a personal level, I'm sure this happens to a great number of people, you might register it as a fugue state, a brief mental abberation, a simple 'what the hell happened there?' lol. I will describe some of my timeslips, giving none any more relevence than a passing thought, they were just simply weird and unexplainable but remain etched in my mind.
One occured whilst I was strolling around the gardens at Hampton Court Palace. It was a very pleasant sunny warm day, other visitors strolling around, I felt peaceful and calm, away from my hectic work schedules, calm and quite content. I suddenly got the impression to walk briskly to a certain part of the gardens, I usually follow such instincts immediately, and so off I went. I stopped near an elderly oriental gentleman whom was looking down at the blooms. He stood up and gazed in my direction, he seemed to have muttered or whispered something inaudible then smiled. He began to walk slowly away and as he passed me he casually made a hand movement to his left. I stood, looking down at the ground which seemed to fade, became black, in fact my whole vision went black for a second or two. Then I slipped in time. I was still me, dressed in my clothes from moments ago but all around was radically different. My senses were so heightened it was unbelievable. Sense of smell was acute, as if the very place, the very air around me was purer, cleaner. Complete absence of normal, to me, sounds, no cars, no planes overhead, pure golden silence, coupled to a heady fragrance of the gardens. I looked around and began slowly walking. The whole area was different. An exploration over a period of some minutes took me to the point of realising I no longer was in 20th century, everything here was different. Not easy trying to explain how I felt, the acute senses, the quiet of the place. Looking around again I pulled from my pocket my cigarettes and lighter, lit a ciggie and stood smiling at this great place. A movement from the corner of my eye made me turn. 40, maybe 50yds away was a man carrying what I took to be a wooden bucket or similar. His brown and grey colored clothing looked grubby even from where I was standing. He did not seem to notice me but carried on with whatever business he was involved in. Curiosity got the better of me and I began to walk slowly towards the man. I reached to within maybe 20 yds or so and he suddenly stopped what he was doing, looked around in all directions as if startled but not seeing me. Like a scared rabbit he looked around and around but did not move from his crouching position. As I got a little closer his eyes stopped flickering from side to side and stopped in my direction. He stood up and frowned, looking at me but not really seeing me I thought. Perhaps my cigarette gave me away as his nose twitched. He was about to take a step in my direction when his face suddenly showed fright, that guy ran as fast as his legs could take him. I felt bad that I had somehow spooked him and thought of running after him but as I was about to do that the small oriental gentleman appeared from nowhere and smiled waving his finger sideways indicating 'no'. The whole thing went black again for a second or two then I was back to my time, among the other visitors to this wonderful location.
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