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Default Shelterbox, temporary homes up to ten to live for 6 months

I was checking this site out earlier and downloaded the pic of items in one to make up our own since they don't sell these.
Shelterbox Provides Hurricane Relief During Ike and Other Natural Disasters.

What You Need to Know Now

Tom Henderson's organization, Shelterbox, was recently featured on CNN's Heroes segment. For those unfamiliar with Shelterboxes, they are literally temporary homes large enough for a family of up to 10 people to live for as long as 6 months, equipped with supplies to keep a family alive and with as much independence as possible during that time. They were used during Hurricane Katrina and could be used again during any hurricane, including Hurricane Ike, if needed.

With Hurricane Ike building and heading for the U.S., I wondered about the potential use of these temporary shelters during hurricane season. Casey Chadwick, a PR and Marketing Director for Shelterbox USA was able to answer many of my questions in detail. If you or friends and family members may be in need of a Shelterbox during Hurricane Ike or another natural disaster - or want to know how to help families who may need one - here is some basic information that could come in handy.

Could Shelterboxes be used during Hurricane Ike? How is the decision made to use a Shelterbox?

I was told that Tom Henderson,who oversees the organization from England, keeps an eye on all natural disasters and makes judgment calls about when to deploy aid. These boxes were used during Hurricane Katrina and were also sent to Myanmar when cyclones struck the area. They can be used anywhere in the world. Whether they will be needed during Hurricane Ike is impossible to know at this point. Of course, if someone desperately needs protection and housing after losing their home to Hurricane Ike, help might be needed quickly, especially for those emotionally battered and reeling with shock.

Picture of ShelterBox with supplies

Rugged multiuse container (polpropylene and ABS plastic measures 33x24x22 weights 120 lbs when full)
2 treated mosquito nets
2 boxes of water purification tablets, enough to treat water for 10 people for 6 months)
2 collapsible 2-gallon water containers
2 collapsible 5-gallon water containers
Custom 10-person dome Vango tent
4 waterproof gound sheets with blanket lining
10 thermal blankets or sleeping bags
10 waterproof ponchos
Multifuel stove
2 cooking pots and utensils
Dishes and eating utensils
folding trenching tool
Claw hammer, ax, and hoe head
Pliers, wire cutters, tape measure and saw
50 foot nylon rope
childrens school supplies
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