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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

Originally Posted by judykott View Post
I C mon key or one key business going on. I watched the video a few times, whoa and then looked up the lyrics and twice in a row it BOOM BOOM POWED my computer and it shut down

The design looks like it was done by an Money engraver or counterfeiter is more like it, she is wearing a spider web top on, and the red glove guy is giving the signs of the cross with both hands which is a double cross. there's the Bull Horn as above with the Ka flowing . the mohawk guy doing the as below where in the corner of the design is the only X within the central feature of the corner. Two other X's formed by what look like monkey tails in the lettering at the top and bottom, making 3 X's in the poster. Then there is the monkey with the nimbus around his head as a deity

This is one of the most heavily laden pictures I have seen. Here are some other things that I noticed.

The red gloved guy has a Saturn Pin on his neck
She has her arms crossed in an X how they used to bury people and still do in some parts of the world. X representing not just death but as a symbol of resurrection as well.
She is wearing a ISIS sash is a "genetic crossing" symbol comparable to Osiris crook and the flail

Go to left glove hand to mohawk guys head , go left to her head, her head down to right red glove, up to sunglass guys head, and down to left glove and you have a pentagram.

Also go to corner to corner and make an X and you will see the alignment of the features, now go from the capital A straight down through the B which would be AB which has significance and the go to the other side and at your handy dandy gold markers or pointers go straight across for another alignment.

The capital I in Business looks like a cobra.

The capital S'S do look like numbers 2 or 5 but they also look like 8's

The Capital A is set right in the center the Apex as a pyramid capstone symbol to infer the all seeing eye. The Peak of Heavenly wisdom. the highest wisdom .

The bullhorn being silver and placed up also looks as if it could also represent the female cup, chalice , grail , which is represented as silver.

I mentioned the KA before but did not realize it also represented Assur (Osirius)


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