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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

877 = Z
Below is a perfect Xample of how you create a grid of power. It is the patterns that hold the Matrix together. Noticing the woman twice in the red dress is not a glitch,

,its what the Matrix is all about.
The woman in the red dress is the sacred feminine that Xpresses herself through patterns,she revealed what the Matrix truly is.Those who are asleep,
don't recognize the patterns, and start feeling victimEYES.If you wanted to experience life at a lower vibration,you have to leave yourself patterns to awaken from your amnesia.Since you're not operating at Zero point,you need repetition to manifest at this low vibration.

After you've had your fun with the circumstances, you can ascend to your higher vibration.

Its when we don't recognize the patterns, that keep the Matrix in place.The Matrix is the Trix of Matter, the trixster. It doesn't matter who,because the whole thing is the trixster. We get caught up in who, and the trixster keeps playing tricks on us.Its the red dress not, Becky or Sue in the red dress.

The woman in the red dress is about to make her appearance in this matrix, as the 5th element. Actually she's always been here.We miss her by trying to label her as seperate from the flow

Bruce Willis = Willis Towers

Fusion of polarities in the Die Hard Battery(International)

Bruce Almighty recieves the powers of God.

District means, Die Hard --notice the 55 hands as the sun, symbolic of the yellow magic school bus enters Gemini, on canal street,as in birth canal.Utertus =UTaurus=Utterance. Also it was brought to my attenyion By Judy K, the double x scaffolding with the ascending laddder,which brought my attention to the 1111 at the rear of the bus.

A bunch of ones and zeros Xpressed through an alphabet
that in turn ,Xpresses through speech.

You don't set the Dove free, whos already born free, the dove frees you.

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