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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

Originally Posted by 777 The Great Work View Post
77 = Z
[I][SIZE="2"]Below is a perfect Xample of how you create a grid of power. It is the patterns that hold the Matrix together. Noticing the woman twice in the red dress is not a glitch,

,its what the Matrix is all about.
The woman in the red dress is the sacred feminine that Xpresses herself through patterns,she revealed what the Matrix truly is.Those who are asleep,
don't recognize the patterns, and start feeling victimEYES.If you wanted to experience life at a lower vibration,you have to leave yourself patterns to awaken from your amnesia.Since you're not operating at Zero point,you need repetition to manifest at this low vibration.

After you've had your fun with the circumstances, you can ascend to your higher vibration.

very interesting....
does this mean that the woman here is a symbol of patterns which keep you at a lower vibration( I wonder why a woman as such a symbol?)?
So in order to ascend you have to experience lower vibrations to the fullest and then you become immune and they cannot pull you down and you can ascend.
The Matrix is feminine in nature.Its not that the patterns keep you at a lower vibration.Time is what seperates one event from the next.In order to manifest something in this realm, your intentions must be projected in repetition. The illusion of time makes your manifestation seem future.At zero point every manifestation is instant.

The computer is a perfect Xample of having something at your command.The great mother is the bestower of all life.Everything emanates from her womb,and to the womb all returns.

You should already be noticieng an acceleration of manifestation,so be aware of your thoughts.
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