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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

Originally Posted by burgundia View Post

You should already be noticieng an acceleration of manifestation,so be aware of your thoughts.
i noticed that. i noticed that all my desires, intentions started manifesting several years ago. It used to take years for the desired things to manifest in this reality, then it was 2 years for the desire to take place in this realm, then a year, then months....[/QUOTE]

Thank you Burgundia... I was wondering why so many things are becoming synchronistic and small desires or 'wonderings' manifest relatively quickly amidst the doom and gloom!!!.

Ahhhh there it is, if as 777 explained, 'things' will come into being quicker so mind your thoughts in order to be in the flow of Divine quickening.

But TPTW want as many as possible to be thinking about doom and gloom and their agenda so more people talk about it so that those people manifest TPTW plans by taking advantage of Divine quickening energy bringing it into being on behalf of TPTW. Then they really don't have to work as hard because the people are scaring themselves and in-turn self perpetuating the doom and gloom into manifestation.

So don't think of the 'Stay Puff Marshmallow Man' when crossing the streams.

And the more the Merrier the quicker the change for the better. Then TPTW lose their control because the Divine quickening energy brings to those what they think about most as it is no respecter of persons and everyone gets to participate whether aware of this or not!!!

Our thoughts create the 'blueprint' that Divine Intelligence must flow into!

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