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Try the link again waitinginthewings. I retried it...and it worked fine.

Thank-you Lionhawk. I did see the movie...but I can't seem to locate it online (for free). Maybe I'll just buy it. I really like the characters and the technical approach. I'd like to be a composite of the main characters. SG-1 seems realistic...rather than being sugar-coated mindless drama. Once again...grappling with various subjects in Camelot and Avalon makes viewing this series much more meaningful. Are the Goa'uld the equivalent of Draconian Interdimensional Reptilians? Are those who carry the Goa'uld larva the equivalent of the Illuminati bloodlines and those who are perfectly possessed by Draconian Interdimensional Reptilians? Are they effectively our gods? But is the Divinity Within Humanity more powerful...if we just realized it, and learned how to access it? Is it possible that the Divinity Within Humanity is the Holy Spirit of the Founders? Is this why the Founders do not seem to exist externally in modernity?

I like to think this is all part of the disclosure process...with emphasis on process. This process may take decades...or should I say that perhaps it has been underway for decades...and will continue for decades...while we wait for it to occur. Was Nicola Tesla the original and ultimate whistleblower? Did Nicola open a Pandora's Box that wasn't supposed to be opened? Did disclosure really begin with Tesla? These questions are partly rhetorical and partly inquisitive.

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