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Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Was Nicola Tesla the original and ultimate whistleblower? Did Nicola open a Pandora's Box that wasn't supposed to be opened? Did disclosure really begin with Tesla? These questions are partly rhetorical and partly inquisitive.

Ortho, I think you are close to the truth. It`s not because I am Serbian and that is why I am proud of Nikola Tesla as one of my fellow Serbian but it`s the thing that everyone is using and was using his works as their own. I think the greatest thing he ever did was that he did it for all. For humanity.
His works, patents and ideas had and have such an impact on humanity that it would not be a misstatement to say that he earned one of the few top places in world history as the person who actually helped humanity.

But as many things were being used for evil, some of his inventions were used for evil too.
For example Jesus Christ has been crystal clear about what he was doing and still people label him and load his works with tons of lies and deceit.

That is the case with all bright minds in history. Try to en light and voila! YOu got a problem from darkness lovers!

Nikola Tesla had this all his life. Beloved by Americans- Thomas Edison was despite giving a chance to Tesla later did not payed him a promised salary for Tesla`s works and improvements in Edison`s own factories. Later he was a stubborn adversary or Tesla`s current and other works than he even publicly burned elephants and horses in New York in order to show how Tesla`s current is "deadly" thing. Later on he lost that battle against Tesla but eventually Tesla `s lifetime lost was when JP Morgan and other crooks stopped him delivering world a free energy simply because they COULD NOT earn on that patent!

So we`re back on the beginning , the main cause for world problems

A million dollar question...

I think it is GREED.

Greed for money, greed for power, greed for knowledge in order to enslave...
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