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Default Re: Universal Freedom

You are on the money my friend, for me this journey of life before returning home to the prime creator is to help liberate the concious mind of as many souls as possible. My children those under my care will pick up the baton and continue the race, we may trip and fall along the way but it is clear we are not alone.Imagine if Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others have worry only about their petty self what a waste of space. Yes like magnets we are attracted across the milky way, just close your eyes and listen, feel the wind,Gaia is alive and it is she who has embrace this planet . Wars, famine, injustices,global warming is all there it cannot be ignore and call it a figment of my imagination. My spirit says enough is time to act. The field of concious Light energy emanatting from our hearts and minds will change this reality.We are stronger than any nuclear bomb. I have a dream where the words utter by a man 40 yrs. ago. The universal dream of freedom.
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