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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Ė Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Astralwalker View Post
Good. We are improving.

The music was much much better, and the connection was much better.

The previous times the connection between the meditators was mostly fading away and the field was weaker. Now the joined psionic energy was felt much stronger.

Which means - we are getting there.

In basic every new meditation will be better and better until we start experiencing effects that I mentioned before.

We also have to get back in track to organize the global meditation event.

So in basic this has to be done for now:

Find what meditative groups have most meditators in every continent and what time they are doing their global meditations.

Once when located the objective is to contact the organizators of those events and to humbly explain the goal we are trying to achieve and will they join us. I have also too many other things on my back, that I urgently have to take care off, so any help in this direction (contacting those meditative groups on every continent and synchronising them) will be most appreciated.

There has to be large meditative groups in:

- North America, Canada
- South America
- Europe
- Russia
- Asia
- India
- Australia, New Zealand

So those people have to contacted, with a explanation given what is the issue here and to humbly ask them to join us. Nevertheless it sounds complicated itís not. We just have to find those groups and syncronise them.
Everything else will come by default - as we go. But, if we want the May 9th event to become reality, we have to start gather groups on every continent - now.

There is a chance that I will arrange personal meeting with David Icke, and after I will explain what we are trying to achieve, I think he will also agree to help us spread the word around, so this information will reach even more people.

So far - so good!

Good work everyone. Letís proceed. Itís happening...

Peace & Harmony to all,

In order to support Astralwalker's demand the first thing we would have to do is to know who is living where.
Everyone could handle his own country.
If more than one person in the same country you could team up and share the job.
I suggest we discuss this on unlimited mind's thread: nexus 2012 spreading the word:

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