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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

This is the best thread I've read to date on this site.... Thank you AstralWalker.... You have helped me overcome my blocks in accepting that leaving our 3d boddies in the 2012 catastrophes is not a thing to be feared.

I have read much about the "Cosmic wave" in the Barbara Marceniek "Bringers of the Dawn /Earth Changes series of books... She refers to the "Wave" as the "Cosmic party" and sugests it a party we definatly want to go to. I had forgotten it of late and become obsessed with trying to susrvive the floods or the solar flares or the winds whatever but now I'm reasured that there is work to be done on many dimentional levels and that maybe being in astral or fifth dimentinal form is a better place and an easier place to get to that "Cosmic party"... obviously I'm not contemplating suicide here..and I will do all I can to survive each catistrophe as it arives but if I have to leave... then I can get up to all sorts of exciting things over there too..I'm looking forward it all... What an adventure eh? I'm feeling the love...
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