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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


The answer(s) you are looking for may well be waiting for you out there in the desert. Mine were halfway around the world, and I am still in the process of finding them. But I can now see through to the other end of the tunnel I stumbled into when the stakes went against me in my quest.

Had I not put my foot forward my upcoming contribution to this project would not have been possible. And it is still a daily struggle but I must continue onwards until I find the higher ground once more. I can only hope you will find your strength, and feel the support from all of us (as was so kindly lent to me in my time of need, and I felt it, and it really made a difference).

Forget about everything else, and just look at your raw intention. You mean well, and the things we discover on this journey can take us to places in our minds and in reality well beyond our comfort zones, often shaking our very sense of stability. We must realize that it is all part of an arduous process not everyone is willing to partake in. We must commend ourselves for having been willing in the first place, even when we (albeit subconsciously in many cases) knew the risks.

Eventually, if we remain commited and true to the original vision emanating from not our minds, but our hearts, we find the truth as it truly lays in a pool of simplicity and clarity. Gone is the myriad of appendages full of complexities that are too disparate to possibly connect together, what's left is a code we have come to understand for its simplicity and elegance only by living it completely.

That's not something I claim to have already done, not by a longshot, but only recently have I begun to see how it is actually possible, which must mean that only a fully perceivable amount of adjustments remain to be addressed in order to actualize the dream into dreamtime. I had begun to realize that it was only from that point I could successfully complete the work I had begun towards this project, for the result had to embody our common goals for this whole thing - not just from a theoretical perspective, but from an experienced one.

This is the truth behind all of the struggles and delays I have been reporting over the months, my progress is seemingly inextricably linked to what I am going through in my personal spiritual development (as well as the obstacles I have encountered along the way since the project began in the Winter of 2008).

But I will remain commited to our upcoming goal of the May 22nd meditation, and I can only suggest that you try something similar. If the equinox is your marker, please, whenever you return, come back and let us know how you're doing. Every project member contributes something invaluable to our cause, even if many are understandably silent during the projects (for lack of a better term) "gestation" period.

We will all come back together again when the time is truly right, and from that point forward we will be able to bring to life the energetic driving force behind the project, when a meditation file that truly *feels* the same way that shared feeling about what we are yearning for can finally be brought into existence.

I hope my words speak something of the place on my own path I find myself to be, at this moment. I hope also that you can find your footing. Mine felt awfully shaky for quite awhile the past year, and I can only empathize.

Take care.

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