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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Czymra / Mudra >>

Astralwalker what would you think of making a video announcing the event and post it on you tube?

A promotional video sounds like an excellent idea. If we can get an idea of what it should feel like, I'd be able and willing to do it.

We will wait for Astrawalker's thoughts about this and if allright we can work out something. Thank you for your offer. You seem to be the right person to be able to do this.

Remember this is a team work !

Dear friends,

I totally agree that making a promotional video for announcement of the event and to post it on you tube?

It will reach many people.

But all this is still in developing stage.

Many things are in the phase of creating, shaping, and rearranging and suffer alternation.

Therefore, the announcement should be simple one, and to spread the world about that that there is a plan and determination of doing this.

About making the announcement I have to tell you that my path does not flow in that direction. You have to find someone who is fit for this…it could be any of you as long he/she presents this right.

Take initiative, make some video and provide us some link that we can check it. Be creative and do this. When it is complete we all are going to watch your video file and we will tell you what we think. If it is ok, it will go as such, if not you can always correct it according to people suggestions.

Once again I have started the idea but the humanity will carry on and finish it.

My primary task was to draw attention to the coming future events, their nature from scientific and esotheric perspective, to share input about messages found is the crop fields, then input about psi-dinamics and what ETs refer as a possibility for solving this puzzle and even preventing certain events from happening, just by altering the fractal structure of the planetary Matrix by using a combined power of human consciousness.

For ones that think we have time, I would say…not much.

We all have to give our best, to push ourselves to the limit, to crate another reality, to shape, to alter, to fuse, to unite and to make the necessary change.

If we do not do this…it will be over before the Nexus arrives.

That is why I stepped forward in this time. Many of you felt something compatible awakening deep inside, something that perfectly resonates with this and something that feels that this is just what you were waiting for a very long time.

I will provide some more input that can be useful for all of us.

But the primary message is this:

You do not have to wait anything for me. Don’t be afraid, step forward share your ideas, communicate, exchange with each other and create this.

You do not need someone to tell you what to do. This is a team work and can only work as such.

So lets start the engine and keep the motor running. We will gather more passengers as we go. And when we will be enough we will bend direction the All Seeing Eye is driving us and we will make the necessary turn to avoid some of the future events.

Therefore, all that nonsense that this will solve by itself, no mater from whom is coming from - is false. We have to act, and we have act now.

As I said once before, the time was not in past, it is not in the future, but the time is now.

So let’s finish what we have come here to finish.

Failure is not an option. We have started this and we are going to finish it!

Respect to you all,
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