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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

International Harmony Based Upon a Music of Planetary Grid Systems

by Barbara Hero

This paper will propose a method of correlating Earth Grid
systems with specific musical notes, by a process of translating
length to frequencies which can then be translated to musical

A method of octave expansion and octave reduction was used to
determine the specific frequency of a note.

When this theory is applied to the relationships of countries to
sounds, a way of increasing harmony between countries can be
suggested by knowing a key note of the distance between them.

A correspondence with Pythagorean Lambdoma of seven rays is

In September of 1983 1 received a letter from Governors State
University in Illinois requesting submission of information or
research on a project called THE PLANETARY GRID SYSTEM. I wrote
back a note saying that perhaps I could help by identifying the
musical interval of the modular grid system if there is a module
that has been determined in length. Then, a year later in
December, 1984, Bethe Hagens and William Becker sent a copy of
the magazine "Pursuit" (1) which featured their research. And in
this article the distances in miles of the grid system they
devised was given, so that I could get to work to determine
certain musical relationships. I sent a letter detailing these
relationships. After receiving my letter Bethe Hagens

"Thank you so much for your letter. I wanted you to know that
we had received it. I am kind of stunned by what you have found
in the grid - and your political interpretations. It's one of
the most fascinating responses we've ever received. I don't
know that I told you, but I am a professional violinist when I
am not being an anthropologist. Your work in harmonics begins
to get at something I have felt intuitively must exist but had
no way to express.

"...I have not had the time to sit with your letter and really
absorb it. I will write again once I have something intelligent
to say. Again, thanks so much for writing."

The Becker-Hagens report presented a theory of the growing
structure of the earth, from the tetrahedron, octahedron, cube,
icosahedron, and dodecahedron. These are the Platonic solids
attributed to Pythagoras (500 B.C.). The dodecahedron and
icosahedron together, Becker and Hagens found to be the grid
system of our present age. When the line arrays of each of
these solids is overlaid on a sphere, a grid emerges which they
contend is a pattern the ancient peoples used for becoming one
with the earth.(2)

Briefly, factors to consider when calculating the harmonic
implications between countries, cities, or villages include the

o What is the great circle distance in miles between two points
on the grid system?

o What are the major apex points?

o Is the assumption that Giza is the major point valid, or has
the energy changed since the building of the Great Pyramid?

o Are significant places in history nodes of the grid system?

o Are fault lines energy lines?

o Are mountain ranges energy lines?

o What is the difference between the fault lines and the
mountain range lines in terms of energy?

o Could certain distances portend problem areas in terms of

The Becker-Hagens report mentioned the "Twelve Devils'
Graveyards Around the World" (Saga Magazine, 1972) where
magnetic and energy aberrations were located. These are found
zig-zaging the equator at 30 degrees above and 30 degrees below
the equator.

Using an "Atlas" software computer program, Robert Foulkrod
found the distance in miles to be 4264 miles between adjacent
"Graveyards." The corresponding musical frequency based on the
speed of sound in air is 0.0000502 cps. By octave expansion to
the middle "C" octave (multiplying by 2 to the "n" number of
times), this translates to a musical note of "A". This
particular distance or musical note might be an indication of
disharmony between countries, if, indeed, distance is a factor.

The Becker-Hagens report sets the kite shaped grid dimensions as
1400 miles (short end of the kite), 2200 miles (the outside kite
length), and 2600 miles (the brace down the middle of the kite).
The musical notes are "E flat", "A flat", and "F", respectively.
The latter note represents the distance between Gomel in the
Soviet Union and Sebha in Libya. Therefore the musical sound of
"F" at 345 cps might be accentuated for harmony between these
two countries.

The Becker-Hagens report mentioned the theory by Sinkiewitz who
claimed that the present energy grid sytem is out of alignment
with the ancient grid system, and that New Age Spiritual
communities around the globe are rediscovering the new grid and
building sacred sites to activate them.

The Aleutian Islands have been predicted to be the new North
Pole. See Figures 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. [not included here but if
anyone is exceptionally interested, let me know and I will scan,
UUENCODE and post them.] What is the distance involved when a
diamond of a 70 degree apex is overlaid on the new North PoIe,
and the legs of the diamond terminate at the Equator? This is
the shape which some have found intuitively very emotionally
responsive as if from a long forgotten past.

A "key note" of a country could be determined by means of a
Lambdoma diagram (a Pythagorean model). See Figure 6,
References 3 through 8. The apex of the Lambdoma diagram is
divided equally as the diagonal down the center of the x and y
axis. The diagonal has a ratio of 1:1, so that whatever the
distance is along the diagonal of the grid would be its "key
note". For example Gomel in the Becker-Hagens grid has seven
rays radiating from the apex point, and the diagonal which
represents the "key note" extends from Gomel to El Eglab, 2600
miles, an "F" musically. From Cairo to London is 2183 miles,
a "G#".

Each of the rays of the grid would exhibit a unique energy, and
much work has to be done to determine the quality of these
differing energies. See Figures 7 & 8. In the case of the earth
the circumference of the earth should be taken into account as a
reference distance and frequency, the circumference is 24,860
miles. This is equivalent to a "D" musically (in air).

In conclusion, if the earth is in transition in terms of
developing into a new phase of grid lines, this factor might
indicate a shift of energy or frequency at different places on
the earth. See Figure 9. The grid patterns would then take on
different distances. See Figure 10. We might ask how can we as
humans help the earth in this transitory phase?

First, recognizing that harmonies between cities or countries is
based upon attunement to each other's energy patterns. Most of
all let us attune ourselves to the earth's energies, recognizing
the oneness of all things in our material universe, and learning
the importance of sound as a manifestation of different

Any grid system has to have distance as one of the factors,
since wavelength is inherent in all sound vibrations, as the
inversion of frequency. Even though we cannot hear the specific
frequency of a grid line, the interval quality is present though
inaudible. So lets make them audible.


1) Becker-Hagens, Pursuit Science: Pursuit of the Unexplained,
Journal of SITU, The Society for the Investigation of the
Unexplained, Vol. 17, Number 2, Whole Number 66, Second
Quarer, 1984.

2) Jalandris, Earthfire.- Exploring the Energies of the
Ancients, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1981.

3) S. Levairie and E. Levy, Tone.- A Study in Musical Acoustics,
Kent State University Press, Kent, Ohio, 1968.

4) Kayser, Hans, Akroasis.- The Theory of World Harmonics,
translated by Robert Lilienfeld, Plowshare Press, Boston, 1964.

5) E. McClain, The Pythagorean Plato: Prelude to the Song
Itsetf, Nicolas Hays, Ltd., New York, 1978.

6) B. Hero, "Paintings Based on Relative Pitch in Music,"
Leonardo, Vol. 8, pp. 13-19, Pergammon Press, England, 1975.

7) B. Hero, "Drawings Based on Laser Lissajous Figures and the
Lambdoma Diagram," Leonardo, Vol. II pp. 301-303, 1978.

8) B.Hero,"The Mathematical Laws of Sound (Relationship of Sound
to Gravity), "EnergyUnlimited #12, Box 288, Los Lunas, New
Mexico 80731

I have to say the music sample they gave on the site did not sound good to me at all., however the theory is very interesting.

4-Quadrant Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard!

Psychotronics Annual Conference:
Healing the Earth with Subtle Energies
July 18 - 20, 2008
Holiday Inn, Chicago North Shore, Skokie, Illinois
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More about the keyboard

The Lambdoma Matrix is attributed to the philosopher Pythagoras (500 bc) who spent over twenty years as an Egyptian initiate. The concept of the Lambdoma Matrix in the present age is relatively unknown, and is not cited in most dictionaries. On the surface, it appears to be nothing more than a mathematical multiplication and division table. On a closer look however, it bears a one-to-one relationship to musical intervals in a very specific harmonic series. Because of its numerical framework of ratios, it can be translated into frequencies of audible sound. The Lambdoma bears relationships to aromatics, chemistry, crystallography, cybernetics, art, music, geometry, all of which may be explored by those interested in the above disciplines. The Lambdoma bears mathematical relationships to Issac Newton, the Diophantine equations and the Farey series, as well as in the present century to Georg Cantor.
Lambdoma Research Collection I
The Music of Foods, Glands, Colors, Minerals and Vitamins; The Hindu Cosmological Number; Isotope Frequencies Based upon the Lambdoma; Comparison of Frequencies on a Piano to Lambdoma Reference Octaves; The Musical Revolutions of Time, Frequency, Note & Color, much more.

Articles by Barbara:
On the Effects of Music; Art as Therapy; Shifts Consciousness; A Remarkable Person; Accessing our Inner Self; Belief; Manifesting our Dreams, much more.

The book "Eyes + Ears = Ideas"* is the main body of this site!

It can be seen as a visual and philosophical foundation for some of the concepts which are inherent in the Lambdoma Matrix. This book was the result of a visual artist trying to interpret the matrix as a template of some of the truths to be unearthed in an ancient archeological site of a geometric musical grid field, where each note is colored according to Pythagoras' and Newton's color-coding of musical notes. The color coding of the notes is as follows: C's reds, D's oranges, E's yellows, F's greens, G's blues, A's indigos, B's purples. When you look at each page, you may even play the notes by color or letters on a musical instrument as if reading a score.

The art on the following pages was all done (without a computer) in the early 1970's as attempts to visualize the shapes of sounds, based upon the model of the Lambdoma grid. The tools were only compass, straight edge, pen and colored markers. Most importantly, it only took a willingness to experiment with wavelengths of sound, according to the ratios imbedded in the Lambdoma array. These ratios bear a one-to-one relationship to specific musical harmonic intervals. Any given length may be divided into one-half to one-sixteenth segments, which include a scale of eight harmonic musical intervals from P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and W, or from A to Z of twenty-six micro tonal intervals.
*You may purchase a 8.5" x 14", Spiral bound, 213 page copy of "Eyes + Ears = Ideas" with 163 black and white illustrations (Item B1) from Strawberry Hill Farms Studios

New Musical Instrument May Reveal Key to the Universe
by Dan Shaw
Since the beginning of time, philosophers have sought the key to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Some modern-day researchers believe they have found the key, and that key is a musical key. Every sound that we hear results from movement. Every thing in existence, even every molecule vibrates. While not every vibration can be heard by the human ear, every vibration can be measured. Vibration, or frequency, is measured in cycles per second (cps), also called Hertz (Hz). For example, consider a violin string, tuned to the musical note "A" in our familiar Western musical scale. The string vibrates 440 times per second. Shorten the string slightly, and it will vibrate faster, and at 466 times per second, you will hear the higher note, "B flat". This basic musical theory may be familiar to musicians in the West, but there are many other musical scales used around the world. The "C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C", or "do, re, mi, fa, so, la, si, do" scale known as the "equal-tempered" or solfeggio scale that we use today was invented by Bach in the 1600's for the convenience of symphony orchestras. This somewhat arbitrary musical system recognizes some half-notes, called flats and sharps, which are played with the black keys on a piano keyboard. But there are an infinite number of intermediate sounds ("in the cracks between the piano keys"), sometimes called "micro-tones". You don't have to be an expert in music or mathematics to recognize that the solfeggio system limits the possibilities for music, which actually has infinite possibilities.

Would you like to hear all the harmonic microtones, instead of just some of the harmonic tones? You would need a new musical instrument. That new musical instrument has already been invented by mathematician Barbara Hero. It is a synthesizer called the Harmonic Keyboard. The keyboard works with a computer, so that you can easily program in, and hear, any sound frequency as a key note. That key note is called the fundamental. The Harmonic Keyboard is shaped like a diamond-shaped checker board. Anyone -- even non-musicians -- can play the Harmonic Keyboard, because every key is in tune with every other key. If the key note of is 440 cycles per second is programmed in, then the row of keys to the upper right increase by doubling (octaves) to 880, 1760, etc. And the row of keys to the upper left decrease by halving, 220, 110, etc. (See the illustration.) The theory, of course, is more complex but that is the basic idea. The other keys play whole-number ratios, such as 3:2 (1320:880) (a "harmonic"). And 2:3 (880:1320) (a "subharmonic"). Each key produces two different notes simultaneously, one through each stereo speaker.

While the theory isn't easy to explain in words, it becomes instantly understandable when one plays or listens to the entrancing sounds coming from the keyboard, which Barbara calls the Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard (PLHK). Mathematicians may want to learn more about the theory, which is based on Pythagoras' numeric table (known as the Lambdoma Pythagorean Chi X, or Tetractys). The Lambdoma gets its name because the numeric table was originally shaped something like the Greek capital letter lambda [l].

Scientists agree that everything has a vibratory frequency, but why do we assert that the Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard holds the key to unlock the mysteries of the universe? First, we can measure the frequency of colors, chemical elements, organs of the body, and anything else, even planets, stars and galaxies. Then we can "translate" these frequencies to sounds that we can hear. Using the PLHK we can play, and play with, these sounds. Hearing these "new" sounds can be profoundly healing. Many people report that these sounds induce expanded states of consciousness. Barbara's PLHK's computer program also shows the beautiful sacred geometric shapes that correspond with the relationships, or ratios, between pairs of notes and even chords.

When our minds and bodies are out of harmony with our environment, illness may result. Perhaps hearing the full range of possible sounds creates harmony with our environment, and healing or wholeness. Barbara Hero's decades of research into the mathematics of sound has resulted in a Renaissance of music, and new, yet ancient musical scales, and a revolutionary musical instrument. A wealth of information about music and healing can be found at her website, Barbara's research has relied on the vital contributions of many researchers, and her work will be carried forward by other scientists in many disciplines. The Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard will prove to be a landmark in unlocking the mysteries of our musical universe. As we approach the gateway to the infinite mysteries of the universe, we will find that the door is already open.

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