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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Phied can you tell me how long that file will be ?
How long is the meditation supposed to take ? 1 hour ?
Need to know so people can prepare for it .

Could you have it all made by next week tuesday the 3rd latest.
That would give us some time to check if we can download it properly , listen to it , give some feed back etc...before the BIG DAY.

Would be great Phied

Thank you
Hi mudra, right now I'm working with a half hour length file as the "trial period" standard, I'm uploading a high quality mp3 of it for now so people can have a listen.

I think in the beginning we should see if everyone is comfortable with meditation for this length of time, and then we can make it longer (maybe 45m, then 1h, then finally 1h15m).

I also wanted to mention that people should consider lying down to meditate, this is how I usually do it, but it's important to not be too tired or it's very easy to fall asleep. This is why usually favourite time is the early evening.

More important than anything is that everyone agrees with the character of the file (as this is the kind of character I produce pretty much all the time), I have a pretty slow internet connection so it will take awhile to be fully uploaded, but I'll link to it when it's done, please let me know what you think!

If everyone is happy with the quality of the file, I will work on an extended file (45 minutes with 15 minute fade in and out, so 1h15m or so) in a very similar style for May at the very latest, but hopefully much sooner. I will be putting everything I know into that file!

This one I think will be very effective in the meantime, I hope!

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