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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Truthseeker360 View Post
Hi Asralwalker,

I have also viewed phied Dayzero Astralwalker music in windows media player
on random (this was prior to my intrest in meditation) and found it very engaging and peaceful.
It was a simpler easier way to focus my mind when i took the next step towards meditation.

Thumbs up from me.

Love Light @ Gratitude

There is nothing wrong with the Phied-Dayzero music. It’s wonderful and personally I really enjoyed.

But we have to move forward.

The previous meditation result is this:

- Around 2000 people had meditated, but the focus was still low.

One's thoughts stream somewhere, the other thinks of different things and after realization that his/her thoughts had slipped in different direction he/she tries to return to the meditation. This is not satisfactory.

Someone gets up in the middle leaving the meditation.

I have got feedback from many people, that they are using their own music and some are not using music at all.

Some of them press play button exactly on 8 pm GMT, some in 8:02 pm some in 8:15 pm.

Some meditate their own techniques...etc

The result is...not what we are trying to do!

I presented this only as a practice to further development.

Listening and watching to the same Solfeggio video, will do incomparable much that anything was done before. But people who would like to participate will have to have discipline to put this video file with Solfeggio harmonics - exactly on Saturday 8 pm GMT.

I would really appreciate if someone overthere will consider taking a time to create a single video file from the presented Solfeggio harmonics. If that’s not possible I will try to do this as soon as it would be possible.

I have personally been listening and watching to those video files and meditating on them from the time I discovered them on the net. I put 528Hz Miracle to play many times at home and my children to listen to this frequency and other S. Frequencies. So far my personal experience with them is great. It is the same knowledge that it was used in the ancient times and that is why I had put the connection to this to the ancient temples and the data that can be extracted from those ancient temples.

Once more, this can be done only if we combine the spiritual and technological aspect of our existence, and only we UNITE AS ONE and not just individuals doing their own things.

So this has to progress further. In this way we will all tune into the same wavelength and if we vibrate high and produce positive emotional charge we will do such a positive impact that it will be immediately shown on the graphs. It simply because we would not need to practice meditative states for years and the frequencies are already there penetrating in us - via sound.

The Consciousness receives those frequencies and our software (our subtle bodies and all the energy attach to them) vibrates with the same frequencies similar to the effect that is generated in the tuning forks when they are exposed to this sound frequencies. All that is remained is a positive orientation all along the meditation which in fact is extremely easy because the sound frequencies are doing their “magic” by default and just by listening to them.

I do not say that this is the final stage and there is not better solution. All that I say is we are ready for this.

Much pain ... but still time. – I think that we do not have years to do this ...
Once more, there are no hidden agendas in this, no hypnotic influence; no negativity...what you see is what you get. In any case if someone feels that the frequencies are too hard for him/her that it is absolutely fine to get out of it.

Despite the quality of the recorded videos is not so good, it is sufficient to serve this purpose. I’m aware that many people are new to these arts and they are confused or suspicions about every new thing that it is offered.
I guess it is still in our nature to fear the unknown.
All that I could say – have faith people. Do not search for blackness wherever you look.

Before Tuning Session

After Tuning Session

The pictures are taken using Kirlian Photography and are compliments of Laura Kaye!

This is the solution to our equation and we have to start understanding those dynamics as soon possible.


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