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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Czymra View Post
I am capable of combining them although I'm not sure that those videos are optimal. You may say I'm a little too perfectionistic on that end.

I don't want to go too deep into this now as it would only make us lose precious time, and I'm aware that I'm in no position to back-mail anyone and in actuality I hope it does not come across as such.

So let me express it like this: I would like to help not only to get those videos in line and operating for the meditation, but this also coincides with a project that I am working on right now that is very similar, if not exactly what you're looking for. That would mean that I would 'hand craft' a video for this purpose over time.

However, I will do this only if we can drop all the pseudo-secrecy about 'what lays ahead' and even more so, I can only approve of my service to this undertaking once the 'protection mechanisms' that were alluded to before are being laid in the open.
We know such events like this one have been manipulated before, this was said early on in the thread and I've meanwhile done quite some research into the topic. If we want to change reality, we have to make sure that our energy is used to our intention, this also was said before.

Astralwalker, I do remember you saying that the intention behind the thought is what steers it. This may be so, but I need to know more about the how and why, especially if we are to tune into a second medium (video).

I for one do not understand why there shall be any secrecy about the how and what of these issues. If we are to step into the a bright future, surely we cannot use the same methods that the very forces we are trying to put behind us use.
We are moving as fast as we can...When the time is ripe you will get the knowledge you seek...
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