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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Blessings to one and all.

[QUOTE]Statistics for the 21.03.09 Nexus2012 Meditation
(all numbers arrived at using a calibration method called Applied Kinesiology or simply "muscle testing"):

Total number of participants: 3400 - 3500 people

Number of people that meditated the full hour: 2500 - 2600 people

The 7th Nexus2012 Global meditation event calibrated around 565-570 on the Scale/Map of Consciousness:
QUOTE] Sanat

Great News well done to everyone

Now if we can all promote our intention in the 3d realm,, and each one of us resonate the same in our daily lives and brings one new friend that also resonates we can reach our target.

May 9th is just around the corner....

Again Well Done lets keep it up



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