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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Oneness Meditation

The time is upon us,the time is now, for us to intensify our intent...

Increase our meditation,training for the main event NEXUS GLOBAL MEDITATION Saturdays 8 PM GMT.

With this in mind,and with so many time zones into account i feel 8 PM wherever you are will be best.

8PM (local time) Daily

As we now look to do daily from all four corners the cycle will interlace intwine love will flow free at all times..

As the days pass eventually time will just be for us to add to existing love already flowing around gaia, all the time linear...

I dont expect all to do daily,but when you can,train...

Many already do this at home in groups alone,lets all join in oneness work together.
And build our intent for GLOBAL NEXUS MEDITATION SAT 8 PM GMT which remains our main goal this is just in addition too..

Please meditate with which ever methods you prefer,but please be on time,if your late,wait, next day you will not be..

Please call to all groups coalitions you know, that vibrate to our goal,if they wish please ask them to join.

Maybe ask a family member or friends once in a while, just for themselves to feel the peace that you do...

Love always always Love

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