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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

On Cannings Cross, Near Allington, Wiltshire, reported 10th July. It look to me that there are different "teams" working on making designs. Like the last year main theme was the August 1 Total Solar Eclipse, this year theme are CME. When you look formations like "jellyfish", "dragonfly" and "sperm and egg" with the same theme, you notice different styles: "jellyfish" has very fine design, with clear lines and circles,” dragonfly" has more strong lines and less details and” sperm and egg" was made by someone in hurry, not interested in details but in show the idea, someone like less artist but more technician.

This new formation at Canning Cross, has the same theme as Tawsmead Copse, (06/13), Silbury Hill (07/13), Waden Hill(2) (07/01) and Milk Hill(4) (07/23) and is great activity of CMEs. You can see the different style and experience doing formations between Canning Cross and Milk Hill (4). And one more example (but not the last) are Rough Hill (06/24), Martinsell Hill (06/25) and "the eagle" Yatesbury (06/12) that represent my interpretation of CME impacting the PMS (Protective Magnetic Shield).

In this case, Yatesbury and Martinsell Hill are layered animation of the moment of the impact. As Carl Sagan said "You have to see the Cosmos events with imagination and scepticism". Could this be a different ET groups or races unite in one "Cosmos Federation" in which we are not yet?

Pablo Olivares


At first glance this circle appears to be an animal. It isn’t.

It represents Icarus in the centre with the Sun in the background. He has his arms extended in front of him and his legs behind him with his wings at the sides. Icarus flew too close to the Sun and his wings melted. He crashed back on Earth.

It is a warning to not look at solar activity
with a scientific analytical bent only. What is occurring with the Sun should also be looked at in a spiritual manner. Analysis of each occurrence on the Sun will not help with the overall understanding of what will happen on Earth shortly. It will create static that prevents us from having a total understanding of the transformation that is coming.

Diana Roth/animalspirits
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