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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

There is a very important piece of information from the new blog from David Wilcock



Now here’s another interesting piece of information that helps to confirm that. There was a Dr. James Spottiswoode, who came from one of these California universities. I forget which one right now. [Berkeley.] Again what you’re hearing is all improv — I’m not reading off any piece of paper; this is just a spontaneous lecture for you.

Anyway Dr. James Spottiswoode went through twenty years of research into ESP, anomalous cognition, remote viewing, Zener cards, Ganzfeld — all these laboratory studies of the human psychic function.

What he was looking for was a universal time factor: something that could keep on showing up from time after time, which would help to establish a time of the day where your psychic ability would get better.

He wanted to see if, for example, if at high noon, when the Sun is right overhead, you would be more psychic.

He took these studies and put them all together, but he was not able to find any particular piece of information that told him that there was going to be something happening on a particular day at a particular time — until he looked at what’s called “sidereal time”.

Sidereal time is the time that it takes the Earth to orbit once, relative to the center of the galaxy, rather than to the Sun. That’s a little bit different than the time that it takes us to rotate around the Sun, because the solar system is moving through the galaxy: our relative position to the galactic center is changing, not just based on the Earth’s rotation and revolution.

Sidereal time is not just something you can have fixed at a certain point of the day. It actually does change from day to day. So you need to keep checking it, if you’re going to go looking for this.

Now it appears that at 13 hours, 30 minutes, Local Sidereal Time — meaning sidereal time for you wherever you are — your psychic ability shoots up by 400%!

Now that’s a really, really phenomenal piece of information, because what that’s telling us is that you could be sitting there in your house, having no knowledge that these energy fields are affecting you in any way — and, yet, during this particular time of the day, where your position on the Earth aligns you directly with the center of the Galaxy, your intuitive abilities go way up!

That’s a very important point: you’re aligned with the center of the Galaxy and it’s almost as if there’s a hair dryer blowing on you. If you can think of the center of the galaxy as if it’s like a stream of air or wind, you’re like a wind sock. When you catch that air the strongest — when you’re right in its path — then all of a sudden you have a lot more psychic ability.

That’s really astonishing. That suggests very strongly that our mind is being affected by an outside energy field; that this energy field somehow has the ability to affect how psychic we can be, in addition to probably our level of intelligence and who knows what — the level of the health of the body; certainly there’s other studies that show that.

So, again, this is just yet another study telling us that consciousness is not just thought within the mind. It’s actually an energy field that reverberates throughout the whole Cosmos. And it’s an energy field that has varying degrees of density in various locations.
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