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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Friends, did anyone else notice the major time junction that was on the 20th of March? Is anyone experiencing this on the same frequency?



I will also document in this upcoming article that the next "bifurcation point" in Dr. Sergey Smelyakov’s "Auric Time Scale of the Mayan Calendar" is March 20, 2009.

Don’t get hung up on it being a specific date. It is more of a focal-point around which changes cluster, as our society upgrades into a whole new level. Historically these ‘bifurcation points’ are associated with the collapse of corrupt governments and civilizations and the rise of much cleaner, more positive systems.

Click here to read my classic article on "The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar!"

We’ve been waiting ever since November 2006 for this one to come along and I haven’t spoken much about it, so as not to call negative attention to it too early and tip off the wrong people. Now it’s so close I don’t mind discussing it.

These dates signify very incredible turning-points for human civilization… the most important in all of recorded human history.

So, we can expect that things are going to get even more interesting this coming week! I hope to have the next article out before the end of this coming week… in the midst of the massive work I’m doing to upgrade the ‘old’ content on this website so you can read it with a fresh eye.
This really can't be a coincidence as this date projected into my life in such a strong manner and clicked like a clockwork. Just ONE WEEK before 20th of March I was reading this and saying 'hmm.. well its only one week away and I don't see any changes for me ahead'.. I was wrong of course.

I experienced it with my whole being all the way to the 3D level. Everything leading to that day accelerated to such a point where my each day felt completely different, culminating on this day which was also followed in nature by a major winter storm (which is highly unusual in the place I live). So many events happened in my life and the people arround me that I was literally jolt shifted from one mindset to another by two forces (one pushing me away from the place I was and another attracting me to another place)

The good news is that my strong focus on 3D is now over with this 'junction' and I have received a strong signal to step back and take another turn for which I am very happy that I am being sent in a more comfortable direction for the time being. This resulted with a major step for me into quitting my job and dedicating the next few months to clear my system of any negativity that has accumulated.
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