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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

This is a forwarded message from respected Miriam Delicado >>

Hello Everyone,
Please post this email on your websites, pass onto your email lists and let as many people know as you can.

The Hopi Traditional Leaders are not participating in the Return of the Ancestors event in April and it is critical that people become aware of this fact as the organization ICA is not being clear with people as to who it is that will be attending and taking part from the Hopi.

cut and paste the following statement:

Return of the Ancestors Gathering April 2009

It has come to my attention that the Traditional Leaders of the Hopi people are not participating in this event.

The Hopi that are taking part in this gathering are not the Wisdom Keepers of the Hopi and do not hold the Sacred Knowledge of the Prophecies.

ICA and Adam Yellowbird as president of the organization made the decision to tell the world of the event between the Maya and the Hopi without consulting the Hopi Traditional Leaders first.

There are those from the Hopi people that have chosen to participate in this event but those individuals have been asked by the Traditional people to remove all mention of Hopi in this gathering. These people are not the Wisdom Keepers of Hopi.

The concern of the Hopi Traditional Leaders is the possible misrepresentation by ICA and by some of their own people that have disregarded any and all concerns of the Traditional Leaders and Wisdom Keepers of the Hopi.

If this event continues it must move forward with respect to the people in which it is being made for. Respect by sharing the truth that this is not the Eagle and the Condor event that many believe it to be. This cannot be fulfilled without the TRUE Wisdom Keepers of the Hopi and they have chosen not to participate in this event.

Already people have begun to gather from around the world on the Sacred Hopi Lands. Sacred objects have been trampled and Hopi Ceremony disrespected. These actions were being made by people who did not understand how they were affecting the Traditional Hopi ways.

This is one of the reasons they have chosen not to participate in this event as the Traditional Ceremonies and life of the Hopi has been overlooked.

The Hopi Traditional Leaders are aware that the world is calling for them to begin to step forward and they are at this time following Traditional paths to determine if now is the appropriate time to come forward for the earth and humanity.

Great care must be taken as the Prophecies and Ceremonies have continued for thousands of years by the Hopi people. They wish to Honour and Respect those of the past as well as those of the future by participating in a gathering that is for all people and the earth itself.

This statement was read to the Hopi Traditional Leader and he is aware that this will be shared with the world over the internet. I was not asked to withhold this statement by the Hopi. Please post this on your websites and forward in your email lists to assist spreading this message for greater understanding and respect of the Hopi Traditional people.

Miriam Delicado
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