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Whats up Hawaii peeps. Im on the island of Oahu and im just putting out a feeler, seeing how many hawaii people are lurking or participating on this site. I cant say that ive met many people in my own life that are savvy to Camelot or Avalon...or the thought process behind this movement in general. I have just one friend that I know of, and well hes the one who directed me Camelot.

Anyway...I think one thing we overlook is that we are 8 islands apart of ONE state. I hope this section of the boards can soon get some life, I think Hawaii is a place where the smallest problem will affect us in the biggest ways since we are simply floating out in the middle of the Pacific. If currency fails and food supply falls short were gonna feel it in the biggest of ways. So speak up Hawaii people we need to be in contact, we need to Kokua and look out for eachother.

Peace out,
Roland K
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