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I hear ya there. I have put together weekly meetings with friends of mine to collaborate these types of information. Thursdays seem to be what is working out.

And I have about 10 years of research material on these subjects which I began to realize is completely useless unless shared, which is why the meetings came about. To keep my interactions from diverging into the infinite numbers of threads a conversations can follow, I am very interested in focusing on immediate, relevant subjects that create connections to others, understanding of our current situations, and how we can use the information for practical and attainable ways to prepare, be informed and create more resources that are necessary (like contingency plans, water, food and money, for example).

I have a multitude of directly actionable plans that I simply do not have the time or resources (like $$) to pursue myself. If you would like to take action with any of them, I'd be overjoyed to collaborate with you.

I am well along this path and have a lot of solutions to share. Finding people who are receptive and contiributing is another story, which is why its promising to encounter you.

I am serious about meeting up! It's not really necessary to wait and see how many people read this thread because NOW is what matters and every person we know is significant.

By the way, my name is Nate. Pleased to meet you

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