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I'm over here on Maui, Upcountry. I've contacted a two other PA forum members claiming to be here on Maui but never heard back from them.

I've been digging your posts, SoldierOfTruth808.

I grew up on Oahu and lived there for 30 years or so. I gave up my job as an ad exec and sold the condo. My Grandma's real old, I saw the real estate market writing on the wall and I was sick of working for the man. Oh yeah, I was sick of the police state Oahu has turned into. And plus my home was surrounded by Pearl Harbor, Hickam AFB and Red Hill weapons battery. This is why I moved to the Garden Isle.

I've been prepping for about for awhile now. I'm pretty well setup for anything short of a meteor strike in my backyard. I'm looking for a better living setup, ideally something like a small community of people that a willing to live 'off the grid' and practice sustainability. Soon the practice will come in handy.
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