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Aloha, great to be here among friends. I'm in Kaimuki, and would love to meet up with others in the islands. Email is welcome. My name is James, and I've been meeting regularly with Nate and others, participating in dialogue concerning the issues at hand.

Soldier808 - I hear you loud and clear RE oahu & (over)population.. just recall the chaos which followed that little earthquake we had a few years ago..scheisse. That was just a pimple..

Not that I wish to express any form of alarmist consciousness.. AND, at the same time, Neighbor Island preparedness features prominently on my list. It is my hope to connect with people here living ethically/responsibly/sustainably/off-grid on any and all of the neighbor islands - particularly because my background is in architecture (which I describe as a study and practice of how people can best live).

Soldier808 I'll email you an account RE the "mana" topic you posted about - I typed it out and it was too long and off-topic for posting here.. and Soleil - email also.

I'm happy to see so many names here in the Hawaii "box" and I'm looking forward to co-creating something wonderful, beautiful, and amazing in the present and future now.. with y'all =).

hey that rhymes

good times

follow the signs

don't forget the limes

and pay your parking fines

malama pono
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