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Default Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Originally Posted by illuminate View Post
I agree... EXCELLENT view Steven!!!!

there's a lilly allen song called "the fear"
where some of her lyrics are:

" And I am a weapon of massive consumption
and its not my fault it’s how I’m program to function... "

here in the U.S. we over consume everything
we're even called "consumers"

THX for staring this thread!

very nice!

~ one love ~
Thank you Illuminate. I do not know this song, but I totally agree with the lyrics.

Indeed, being called consumers says a lot about the mentality behind this system. Sellers sees humans as "consumers" and employers sees them as "human resources". So, we are consumers and human resources in this system mentality, which is in a long term view, very dangerous. Where does it stops?

There is a Universal Law called Balance/Harmony and I have neglected this Law in the thread "Where focus goes, Energy follows". I will update it soon. But this Law says that to have harmony, or to maintain or obtain harmony, you got to be in balance, or sometimes, in rhythm with the natural Creation.

This consumption system, with its mentality, does create a tremendous lack of balance, a tremendous unbalance in the world, which result in a tremendous lack of harmony. If we want to put ourselves on the track of harmony with nature/Creation, we got to respect this Law and going back to balance. That is why the gap between the riches and the poors of our world can not be avoided in order to improve our situation and assure a better future for our children.

Balance in All things, especially in our economical system is the way for a better future, no need to reduce the population or control it, no need for extra-terrestrial help, it is in our hands...

Hello J-Rod 7. Thank you for your sharing. I knew you would come to this thread and you are very welcome. We might have different point-of-view, but it is only good for the both of us to share them with respect. I must tell you that I really don't trust Billy Meir. He is manipulated the poor man. He might throw out some wisdom, but it does not mean his ultimate intends are for the best of humanity. And from what I have read from him, population control among other things, looks like the elite agenda on his table.

Namaste, Steven

Namaste, Steven
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