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Default Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Originally Posted by aroundthetable View Post
The prob is over consumption, in so many ways. The prob would be the same if the world had only 12 people. Eating and collecting more than required is theft.
Exactly, it all depends how we manage our resources. The idea of over-population implies a deep selfish/evil spirit to human people. "If they are too many, they will cause destruction..." And it is not the case, because the course of our society is brought and imposed upon us as soon as we born, by a rich elite caste who do not represent the masses, self-appointed sovereigns in whom nobody voted maintained over centuries at the top of the "detached" pyramid.

Here is an example how dangerous it might become to propagate this idea, this shows how far we can be brainwashed and beleive human poeple are deeply foreign to Nature. J-Rod 7, tell me what you think about this: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Of course, it is the extreme. But still says a lot only by its existence. The reality is that WE ARE PART OF NATURE AND EARTH'S WILL, controlled by few powerful brainwashers...

Namaste, Steven
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