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Default Re: Today, the problem isn’t over-population, it’s over-consumption

Steven you are absolutely right. Whole post is good.
But there is a catch with us humans now. We are hooked on drugs and drugs are everything that you have described in thread.

95% or even more WISH not to change their life style. Well they `d like clean earth and better life for all and rest but IT must include that they DO not abandon their SUV`s or seven bedroom houses (where actually three people lives)...

Core of the matter is soul and heart and they are corrupted.

You have read Bible ,I guess that by your posts . Or if you have not yet , you will find that this is EXACTLY the thing we are in war of. Our heart and our soul. If someone rules that ,he controls everything in this earth.

It is written there that that evil entity named Satan (adversary - hmmm to whom?!?) wishes nothing else but our soul and heart.
He does not need riches or gold or whatever physical , he needs our very essence. He ( or whatever he is - spirit,or any other entity) did very hard work and almost 100& of humanity is deceived.

We simply can not go forward into all light and beautiful future that we can create until we fix the core problem. That is ,where we wish our heart and soul to stand for. On and for the light or we choose darkness?

We can choose ,that is our gift. No matter what do we think about Creator of the universe or this or that. We reap what we sow and if we sow in dark we reap darkness...and you see the fruits of darkness we reaped throughout history.

I choose to sow in light... my wish is to help others ,at least one person on this ,earth to open their eyes and choose wisely...

I came a long journey in my life , a journey of hard days and hard nights in learning and opening my eyes , in learning to live ,to love .
I still have many things to learn and to grow in love ,wisdom and all other light fruits.
I wish that we all do that- to sow the seeds in light, love and wisdom.
I wish that we all have heart of love.

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