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Default Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Originally Posted by beren View Post
...95% or even more WISH not to change their life style. Well they `d like clean earth and better life for all and rest but IT must include that they DO not abandon their SUV`s or seven bedroom houses (where actually three people lives)...
Hello Beren. I know many are hooked to their lifestyle, but it's not the majority of the world. The world economic system is build upon a small 20% percent of the populace who consume 80% of the production. Maybe 95% of this 20% would not want to reduce their consummation rate... But, the 80% populace who produce most of what we consume is certainly open for equality.

Just to give you a very concrete example of what I am referring to. In 1989, I worked in Sulawesi, Indonesia in a region called Kolaka, in a village near the sea called Uluwolo. I was working for... human rights, under a development project, because Human rights at that time in Indonesia was rather taboo, I am referring to what happened in Timor. Anyway, the familly who welcomed me was coffee and cocoa farmer. They used to produce fairly large quantity of cocoa and coffee and once a month, trucks came to the village to take the crops to bring them to Kolaka. In a year living with them, if I drank 7 cups of coffee from their crops, I am being generous... Why? Because they had to sell it all. Every single grain of coffee was sold for a bit of money. Same for cocoa. They were living in a simple house in a beautiful valley near the sea. A paradise. They lacked of nothing, but their life was very very simple. This is the life of more than 5 billions of people on Earth. These people are the ones who are, by their lifestyle, an example to the world.

I know what I am saying is drastic and very hard to contemplate for some of us. But their is no other way if we want to obtain balance.

There is enough land for all of us to have a piece of land to live from it. There is enough technology for all to receive a decent life with the primary needs to be meet. There is enough resource for all to be healthy and in good shape. There is enough work for all to participate in the society. The lack is hidden behind an enormous greedy system based on profits and selfishness...

Originally Posted by viking View Post
...A start would be to replace 'competetion' with 'co-operation' ... that would be a start to a new way...
Indeed, it is all about consciousness, this is where real change born... That is what's coming dear friend.

Originally Posted by J_rod7 View Post
...Steven, we need to get beyond this "elite versus the rest of us" stuff and 'drill-down' to what's going on in this world...

Well, "elite versus the rest of us" is part of whats going on in the world. You can not avoid it if you want to make a significant change in the society. If not, we will simply perpetrate the same old Paradigm with new players as Elite...

For this, we should find some 'common ground' to work from to explore the problems. Our perceptions are almost 'polar-opposites', and the Truth is somewhere in the middle. First, do we really understand what is meant by "Creation?" This is an easy concept, once proper 'terms' are defined. This subject leads us to understand the SOVEREIGNTY of EVERY INDIVIDUAL HUMAN. We are given to understand Creation.
I agree that we need "common ground", but I am not buying the Billy Meir version of Creation. I do not rely on "others" to define my understanding of Creation, I simply rely on the spirit in me. I hope you would do the same and leave this "guru" behind for a time. Nevertheless, I find a lot of wisdom in what you have written.

Tell me, what is Creation from your heart's point of view?

Namaste, Steven
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