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Arrow Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption


Hi Steven,

I'm going to write "short and simple" at this time. My wife just left for two weeks to go stay with her niece in another state, which is the daughter of her dying sister - in and out of Hospitals and Hospice - are living. She is keeping me updated now with daily phone calls. Her Sister, now in her 80s, was also a good friend of mine, along with all the rest of my wife's family, when we also lived there (30-26-yrs ago). Everyone there is on a 'Death watch', giving mutual comfort as is natural in such situations. I have several appointments with my doctors and Oncologists at the Tampa VA Hospital, or otherwise I would also be there with her and the family.

Personally, the Creation is the source of my Being, and the source of my inspiration in Nature.

The Creation is far above all the 'gods' which came to Earth (from the various different Stars) to impose their will on various segments of Humanity. These blinded the minds of the people, enslaved them to produce gold and treasures for them, and taught the Humans the ways of War to battle the Humans under the control of the other 'gods.'

Far worse are all the 'gods' invented in the minds of those which established the various religions to further control the Human 'masses', otherwise known as the 'sheeple.' The wort of all is the unholy roman Catholick chirch which slaughtered more innocent Humans in fires &c during 'the Inquisitions' than ever did the Nazis, which, by the way: look at who's now the most-high unholy pope.

Now then, I have been a long-time supporter and reader of Project Camelot, ... Long before Project Avalon was ever an idea. If you would like to see the large numbers of 'insiders' (interviewed by Bill and Kerry over the years) which consider the Overpopulation to be THE priority issue, simply go on over to Camelot and type overpopulation into the 'search' box. Then read what they each has to say on the subject (inter-woven into their full interviews).

After all my own 'running around in circles' yesterday and today, I feel like I've been pulled through a knothole, it's now 2:30 in the morning, an gotta get some rest. So much for 'short nand simple,' G'nite, Good day, or whatever it is.



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