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Default Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Originally Posted by J_rod7 View Post
...Personally, the Creation is the source of my Being, and the source of my inspiration in Nature...

The Creation is far above all the 'gods' which came to Earth (from the various different Stars) to impose their will on various segments of Humanity. These blinded the minds of the people, enslaved them to produce gold and treasures for them, and taught the Humans the ways of War to battle the Humans under the control of the other 'gods.'...

I like your personal view on Creation.

Now then, I have been a long-time supporter and reader of Project Camelot, ... Long before Project Avalon was ever an idea. If you would like to see the large numbers of 'insiders' (interviewed by Bill and Kerry over the years) which consider the Overpopulation to be THE priority issue, simply go on over to Camelot and type overpopulation into the 'search' box. Then read what they each has to say on the subject (inter-woven into their full interviews)...
I disagree with the idea of overpopulation even if it comes from camelot whistleblowers. Here is a careful study resume which bring the problem in perspective:

'Who most affects the environment? According to one estimate, a person in the U.S. has 50 times more adverse impact than someone in Bangladesh. An American, on the average, consumes 50 times as much steel and 300 times as much plastic as someone in India. When one examines consumption rather than just population, the environmental problem of scarcity looks very different.'

Here the whole text:

Just take the population of India, which is enourmous, almost 5 times the U.S. population. If you only look at population, one would say, India has too many people. But if you also consider the consumption, U.S. consume 50 times more steel and 300 times more plastic with 5 times less people!!! How one can avoid this data?

The burden should NOT be only on the poor countries shoulders, once again, because they are more populated, because when you talk about overpopulation, India/China/Asian countries and Africa are the ones pointed at. It is also imperative that northern rich countries take an objective look at their own behaviors in this imposed system...

And by the way, who are these people saying there is an overpopulation problem, all northern poeple... It is way more easy to put the blame on someone else rather than taking responsibility on the global aspect of the problem.

Namaste, Steven

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