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Default Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Originally Posted by beren View Post
Hey Steven!

I agree with you. But in the middle of our mutually painted picture here bumps human greed. Say if you give all other 5 or more billion people same means and choices as the first 1 or more billion that live kinda recklessly in the mildest way or spending heavily and waste all around them ,will they still wish to live decent ,humble and very simple life?

I doubt it.
If the system would stay the same, of course it could not do a difference. The economical system in place is based on consumption. If we do not answer to this foundamental problem first and simply offer to the poeple of the southern countries the same power of buying that we have in the north, they will go shopping until the last cents. We do not do better, worse, we borrow when the last cent is spent.

What I think would be an alternative is an economical system based on harmony with nature. It might look funny at first glance, but ultimatly, there is no other better choice, simply because what we consume comes from nature.

Let me give you an example. Actually, it is hard for any country in the world, to buy locally. Almost anything comes from outside, especially China. What a waste of energy to transport all these products. 'Made in China' to me means a sacrifice from the chinese poeple to enrich already rich people, cutting drastically the work charge for all other contries in the world. As template to produce cheap quality products that will last a very short time and will need to be bought again and again... That is the root of the problem with waste.

If only we, as a race, answer to this problem we will find solution. It is already happening in many countries. It is slow because of the tremendous inertia created by World Organisations like the World Trade Organisation. I do not beleive 'they' will care to create such a change, we got to get into the popular movement when it passes by and 'they' will have no other choice but to come along.

Namaste, Steven
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