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Arrow Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption


Greetings to all,

This came to me in an email, the linx do not seem transfer >>>


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Hooked on Growth: Help for an intoxicated society!

The UK Guardian published a particularly poignant column by George Monbiot in December 2009 - This is bigger than climate change. It is a battle to redefine humanity. I'll share the very essence of it here, but please be sure you read the entire column. You will not regret it.

While economies grow, social justice is unnecessary, as lives can be improved without redistribution. While economies grow, people need not confront their elites. While economies grow, we can keep buying our way out of trouble. But, like the bankers, we stave off trouble today only by multiplying it tomorrow. Through economic growth we are borrowing time at punitive rates of interest.

Even if we manage to prevent climate breakdown, growth means that it's only a matter of time before we hit a new constraint, which demands a new global response: oil, water, phosphate, soil. We will lurch from crisis to existential crisis unless we address the underlying cause: perpetual growth cannot be accommodated on a finite planet.

This sums up why Dave Gardner's documentary, Hooked on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity, is so important. In Hooked on Growth, Dave is holding up a mirror and waking us from our drunken stupor. Yes, our society is drunk on growth, and it is time for an intervention.

I'm writing to remind you that whatever noble cause you're working on, Dave has your back. His film draws a laser-like focus on the root cause of nearly every problem we're trying to rectify. We all need to help Dave raise the funds to finish the film and build the network to organize screenings. Dave tells me he will complete Hooked on Growth in 2010, with our help.

If you haven't yet encouraged everyone in your network to join the grassroots support network for this film; if you haven't kicked in a tax-deductible contribution, it's not too late. But as Monbiot wrote, "we are borrowing time at punitive rates of interest." The clock is ticking.

Here are the links you need to help:

Hooked on Growth Trailer & Info.
Make a Tax-Deductible Contribution
Subscribe to E-mail Updates
Extended Preview/Discussion with Filmmaker
Facebook Page
Join Our Collaborators & Volunteers Network
Contact Dave
Photos, Graphics & Description to Help You Publicize the Film


So the question arises = How do we encourage Humans to consume less or to procreate less , which will have the greatest impact going forward into the future of life on this Earth>

In Peace =Salome = Namaste

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