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Default Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Thank you J-Rod7 for this letter. I am in agreement with the absurdity of continual growth. It is totally illogical to pursue continuous growth in a definite world. And if it means that a compromise between conscientious limited birth and production/consumption reduction plus efficient waste management would bring forth harmony with nature, then we have a vision, bearer of a true hope. But the solution is certainly in a shift in consciousness for everyone walking on Earth. Until this day, we may still struggle in between half-solution.

On the other hand, it is easy to fall into the trap of scientific "evidence". The trust we put into these "evidence" shroud the faith we should keep in Creation. It is always good to remember, especially in dire times, that Nature is a sentient, caring living and she considers each of us as a child. When you look at history, you always find a time where Nature provided the means for humanity to stay. Just before the last Ice Age, humanity learned the use of fire...

Namaste, Steven
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