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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I had a quick item for discussion with others willing before proceeding.

This is a huge issue that came up recently in some of my other work. It really makes all the difference to have everyone try and consider their standpoint here.

I am wondering how many people at one point or another, were made to be convinced in one way or another that something was going to happen (keyword) *automatically* in 2012.

I have reason to believe there was quite a bit of disinformation being spread to suggest this was the case, when in fact I must argue that if we had all waited for something to happen, nothing would have.

Many other sources are indicating that the "event" is not located in a fixed point in time, and it is by actively working towards it together that we "pull" the event closer to us in time than it would have been otherwise. To do nothing or even to have regressed as a society, the event would be infinitely far away in the future, but by truly progressing, we will be bringing the event closer to us just as we, in a sense, move linearly towards it.

The key concept is the quality and degree of organization of information. We'll be working on rehashing an older project here, the one that preceeded this one, that has to do with understanding the difference between perceiving reality in terms of a duality (i.e. "good" and "bad", etc.) or in terms of a singularity (i.e. moving "towards the welcome" and "away from the unwelcome without looking back"), and how impossibly huge a difference switching to the latter actually makes.

In fact, I will go as far as to say it is absolutely crucial that everyone understand how to perceive reality in terms of a singularity, and that this trend gain in popularity extremely quickly as the benefits become corroborated more and more. In the transition phase, it will be important for people who have already made the transition, or are having difficulty holding the transition, to remember that since there would still be people out there believing in reality as being a duality, they would be still manifesting that kind of a reality, meaning that they would be co-creating roughly 50% of each side of the duality just as much.

Remember that to operate in a singularity will at first mean to be walking away from something, but eventually there will be nothing left to walk away from anymore, it will become an entirely new paradigm for reality. The key concept here is that this type of a scenario means that it is not at all about fighting against something, it is about working together to create a mass alternative system that is increasingly all-encompassing. It really is possible, as more and more people have had enough of the dichotomy/duality system that really just doesn't make any sense to our evolving minds.

If anyone is confused please say so and I will take all the time I can to elaborate and give examples.

This is the key mental notion to embed into the meditations and it will have an extremely powerful effect - try to imagine everything we are proposing so far, together.

take care everyone
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