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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Nicholas' Message for
the opening of the INDIGO Movie

In these difficult times of heavy change, how can we follow our hearts to make them sing, work together in harmony and connect with each other in a real way?

First may I say what a tremendous moment and honor this is to be able to respond to this question? It is my purpose here.

Children of Light come as unique as the person sitting next to you. As you can tell, I am quite unique. Many people tend to look at me and only see the physical. What they do not see is the wholeness of me; Body, Mind and Spirit. I say this because once people get past the fascination of how I communicate using an Alphabet Board, and the physical uniqueness of me, you can then HEAR the message.

Children of Light have been working behind the scenes. Today we are being exposed Centre Stage. To explain more, crystallines are here to heal the planet. Perhaps there has never been a time in history, where the planet Earth is so in need of healing with escalation of events such as Tsunami, Floods, Hurricanes, pollution, election between leaders and illusion of separation . Our arrival here is in exact timing for the Earth’s transition into light and love. Just as the real life movie has many characters, there are also many types of Indigo’s. Indigos, crystals and other super conscious children, all tend to have one main Plot which is to assist with times of heavy change…to assist with the earth’s ascension.

You see, I am a being of light. When I speak for myself, I speak for many. We are all INDIGO or Crystal to a certain extent… some more fully realized than others. We are here with incredible Gifts to honor this earth and its’ people. When the earth feels honored with exquisite love received from its’ people, it will take us to a new level.

That is where we come in. We are here to teach lessons in love and honor.

We are here to bring love directly into the hearts of people so they remember their purpose. As each of us grow in purpose, as each of us grow in response to this purpose--our hearts sing a universal song of Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice.

As we watch this movie of Life, watch for a theme of love and healing woven through its’ entirety. The coming of this movie opens the biggest door for all of you to walk through. Once the door is open, we ask you to consider this question:

How can I become more like the unconditional love we all need to receive?

What I really want you to get and understand is that when we proclaim our love for One thing, we are proclaiming our love for ALL things.

There is no division. There is no separation.

WE are a universe with a soul purpose for loving all creation as ONE.

In this, we find consecrated unity of purpose. In this, we find harmony like bees working together in a hive with a cohesive unity of purpose. So go and let your hearts sing. Hold hands and join hearts while we read this book Conversations with the Children of Now.

Bringer of Light and Love Nicholas,

January 9, 2005, 8 years of age.

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