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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Blessings all!!

I want to first say thank you for the thoughts/intentions for healing & freeing Aung San Suu Kyi!! May we help all Light Beings be all they should be!!!

In regards to Channeling...I will make some points that are from my opinion
very critical in having a successful Channeling.

I feel one has to work on clearing personal pain-experiences ,ego(That's a BIGGY),build up one's psychic barriors and work with one's guides and passed on relatives to be guardians for your safe journey and keeping your physical body safe while out.

It is a GREAT idea to have someone you trust in many levels to stand with you when you really open a portal. I reccomend healing crystals around one and I reccomend grounding stones so after it will help to rejoin...

That said,be very aware when one channels if that is REALLY what your inner essence agrees with...sometimes ego takes hold or past experiences transorm what you see... I reccomend only going into this when you are peaceful at heart and feel inner strength...not in times of great chaos/turmoil.

I reccomend finding a teacher that knows this and puts you at good vibration.

I personnally have not done channeling as I have a very hectic life with children & lots of interuptions...I do believe that all of us will gradually
gain more access to our power of mind as the planet & sun changes
increase...but as they do...more & more clearing will occur...

I remember smiliing when I heard someone that knows how to use chi say:
"It is better to do good deeds with the body that you can control than to flex your mind to bend spoons."

That is how I approach my day to day life.I rather put my energy into good deeds and when the time comes to use more of my higher will come .

Much Love & Light to all!!!

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