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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Great Blessings All!

The Global Meditation is just around the corner!!

Again I will ask those that are coming to Florida's Coral Castle (Homestead,south of Miami,Fla.) pls let me know that you are planning on coming. They are asking for minimal entance fee(@ $7.00 and free parking)
yet I am asking for an additional $3 to cover a memento & cover the cost of renting sound equiptment & if needed,the portopots according to code)

They have given us a space of land to the side of the Castle which is the part that is included in the Bermuda Triangle Range...We will have canopies set on the perameter in case of too much sun or rain....there will be sections set up to light candles and insence...there will be two meditations-1 at 11 am whomever is available to join me...the advertised meditation is at 1 pm.
At that point there will be a children's group that I have sacred geometry mandala's and such for coloring,plan on doing small info about castle and some team activities to appreciate team participation...the children will get to sound off the end of the meditation with drums and tibetan bowls....

There are hotels in the area and those that are there in the area are invited to join us for a cook out and talk out at the castle Friday evening...(if more than 20 people come for the cook out pls bring your own food for grilling, )

MY E-MAIL IS :::::

Pls post "Coral Castle May 9th" in the subject line
so I can respond efficiently!!!

********* A NOTE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS**********************

Pls be a great guest!
Pls bring your own camp folding chairs,
bring yr own drinks & water,
pls respect the rules of the area,
If you have special needs try to let the group guide know ahead of time so as to plan it in,
Pls clean yr area before you go,
Pls ENJOY this special place in time!!

Thank you all for the time,the heart,the effort!!!
The world thanks you!!!

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