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Default Re: Standing on moving ground; get out of debt

is that 158,000 debt including YOUR mortgage ???
or, is that 158,000 debt incurred in
regular day to day type of living ???
to have that much credit extended,
you must either
1) make a lot of money or,
2) you serviced credit cards very well, and, they kept extending you, more and more credit cards,
til, they have you buried
somewhere in the total equation--
do you own a house ?
if a line of credit of $158,000 is 2.9% at 192.92/mo
or, 385.32/mo at 10% (or somewhere, in between)
that could be a logical alternative
& yet, if it's at 18% it costs $2370.00 to carry monthly.
(that would really hurt)
is there a way to rearrange your assets ?
is there a way to consolidate the debt/and, stop the interest ?
what contents do you have you don't need ?
(and, get rid of things-sell stuff you do NOT need)
or, do you have a massive collection of some kind ?
(and, you could turn that over into some cash)
wow, that i a lot of debt !!!

thankfully, outside of a modest mortgage
(which, i would NOT have, if i didn't re_mortgage
to stay out of 3D work world, in 2004, and, 2008)
*here, you get that money ALL TAX FREE !!!
so, why NOT, if i die, i can't take any of it with me

Recently, i arranged a new mortgage,
NOT, to pay off debt, but, to have funds available,
so, i can MAKE a shift - besides, i have a business,
and, here, we can write off a lot of things,
the first $25,000 i earn,
is offset by home office expenses,
and, after that, well, like everyone else, i pay something.

I did this, because, i love to be here, and, work
then, work for someone else...
i can do what i want to do
and, NOT have to be bossed around by anyone else,
but, myself - also, it is so much easier

i do NOT owe anyone anything--
just a simple/low mortgage payment
it costs to live, so, if i sell, i can just transport that equity

the only thing, i service, is others
and, i invest in futures
(those things that get me/and,
move me, in my heart)

if i do NOT really desire something,
i go without it

i know what i need, and, i discarded my wants list, aeons ago

i invest in art, and, if it appreciates,
more, than i appreciate it, i sell it

i have invested strongly in a collection
of crystals, and, minerals/rocks and stones
and, some gold/and, silver (and, keep it yourself)
in a safe place

i followed my parents rules,
do NOT go into debt for anything, but a house

also do NOT allow yourself to have something,
if you have NOT already earned it ...
if you do NOT have the money - then, it's a NO GO until you do

ONE thing that helped me,
was, when i wanted something big,
i had to want it for 3 months, before i could have it
oft times, something better was developed in those 3 months,
so, i got something even better, when i got around to buying it
and, sometimes, after 3 months, it just was something
i didn't need anymore, so, i was glad i didn't buy it

sometimes, when you get into a mess,
it's a good idea, to detail,
by separting, all the things, that made the mess in the first place,
it's often very surprising, where the money went
sometimes, that can help you trim a few things
and, NOT repeat those errors again

someone should be publically be hung,
for allowing people to get into these types of debt--
i think, that is coming

remember energy is everything,
and, everything is energy
start a process to rise your energy,
and, that ought to help to get more funds flowing
to you

brightest blessings
the eXchanger

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